About us

The Company

Uncle Morris Films is a dynamic South African film production and production service company based in Cape Town, founded by Steven and Liesel St Arnaud.

As an owner-run and operated company, Uncle Morris provides expert & hands-on production service for the world’s filmmakers looking to produce their projects in Southern Africa.

Born in 2009, Uncle Morris Films has become a leading company in the South African production service industry –producing commercials, television programs as well as Hollywood feature films.


Steven St Arnaud ~ Co-Founder/Producer

Steven started in the film industry in 1993 and has become one of South Africa’s most experienced & expert Line Producers. Steven has a strong reputation for his professional and nuts‘ n bolts production style - which always ensures a smooth and efficient production.

Steven has line produced many International commercials over the years and acted as UPM/Line producer on high profile Hollywood feature films. During his career, Steven has also steered the development of various film projects and is currently working with Liesel on achieving their goal - to create original content through Uncle Morris Films. Steven was once a roadie for Iron Maiden.


Liesel St Arnaud ~ Co-Founder/ Marketing Manager

After her initial career in Education, and looking for new challenges, Liesel began her career in the film industry while studying Fashion Design. Liesel balanced her studies by assisting some of South Africa’s top Costume Designers.  After obtaining her Design degree, Liesel worked full time in the costume department.

In 2009 Liesel co-founded and helped establish the distinctive Uncle Morris Films brand.  As Marketing Manager, Liesel is responsible  for new business, client liaison as well as handling the company’s day-to-day operations.


…and the name?

Just down the road from their current office… while sitting at the world famous grill and burger house - Royale Eatery on Long Street - Steven and Liesel chewed over name selections for their new company. They both ordered their favourite – the “Uncle Morris” - Royale’s version of the  classic bacon and cheese burger… and the rest is history.